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How to feel good enough to create

Sometimes there are moments when we doubt what we are doing and if we should even do it. In those moments when we don’t feel inspired, we quickly stop ourselves from taking action. We go on a downward spiral of pity and find a lot of reasons why we should not act. 

But how can we feel good enough to create?

We look up to others when we read the headlines in the news or the accomplishments of family and friends. But I bet that if we asked them what it took them to get things done, one thing would be a regular answer: consistent work, embracing the challenge, and keep creating! 

Let’s find out how to make things happen!

Sometimes when we start a new project, the feeling of doubt rises inside of us. These simple steps will help you to forget about the doubt and start creating! 

5 Steps To Overcome Self-Doubt and Create More



What we believe we can accomplish. Usually, we can do the things we love for fun or joy, but when we have to show them to others, we start feeling afraid and nervous. 

 For example, you are a skilled male soprano singer, but you are afraid to be judged for being a man, or you love to take photos but never share them online!

Sometimes unconsciously, we set a boundary for ourselves that feels really hard to cross. For example, I can not do a backflip, but I never really tried. If a dream seems scary, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. 

STEP 2 – Self-talk and Self-image –

Work on your confidence and trust that things will work out for you!

WORK ON YOURSELF, uplift your SELF-IMAGE, and believe YOU ARE AWESOME AND GOOD ENOUGH. We have to be our own cheerleaders! We should be the first ones to believe in ourselves. 

Start by looking at yourself in the mirror; really look yourself in the eyes. Then name all the things you love about yourself, say why you are proud and that you forgive yourself for your flaws. Telling yourself those things every day does really make a difference. Journal about it and praise your accomplishments 

STEP 3 – EXTERNAL FACTORS – Your environment matters

Living where you cannot do the things you love can be a different reason for you not to act.

Try to work your way around it, and set boundaries that this is your workspace. Make sure you always return to it, so you can hold on to this small space for yourself. Maybe buy noise-canceling headphones, a specific chair, or a desk in the house where you won’t be disturbed. Be open to inspiration. 

This small thing alone can be the kickstart that you are looking for in your life. Another thing you can do is meet people doing something similar to what you want to do. Others can teach us so much. 


It’s not about who is at fault. Society AND FAMILY do not decide for you!

We have to let go of blame. If we always look at others when something goes wrong in life, this does not help and makes it a lot harder to grow and improve. The first step is to take responsibility for how we take action from this point forward. The past is not what defines us as people; it’s what we do about it. There are always ways to blame others for what we cannot do or whatever happened to us. Still, let’s take responsibility for our lives and how we react to what happens to us. There’s always room for improvement to achieve that fantastic thing we dream of. 

Maybe we told ourselves before that we failed because we didn’t have the right equipment or support from the people close to us. But in the end, life is about what we do with what we have and how we handle it daily! Don’t be afraid to take responsibility and work on the things you love !!

STEP 5 – Fears; and lack of knowledge

Accept, learn, grow and keep going!

Where focus goes, energy flows. If we focus too much on everything we still want in our lives and the things we don’t have, we focus on the lack. So this is what we will receive.

It works better to focus on the things you already have and think about which emotions those things give you. If you focus on the feelings, you will let go of the lack, and so you will automatically create more of that emotion in your life. It is essential to be clear on your goal and work for it. Still, we should not forget that inspired action is better and more productive than being very busy on things that don’t matter. 

It is simple: Try to be present, accept your path, and take responsibility for the person that you want to be. 

And enjoy the views that our ride has to offer!

There was a past and a future to come, but our dream starts now.

 You might have heard this popular Chinese proverb: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.”

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What does it mean to feel good enough to create?

It means having energy, passion, and a drive to take action toward a specific goal or belief. While we have the confidence and trust in our skills to perform.

” No one is exactly as you are; that is your superpower.”

Who are your heroes? Who inspired you to be better? Even the people we look up to and see as seemingly fearless and endlessly brave have doubts and fears about whether they are good enough.

We define our lives by what we do daily, who we help, and what we want to represent.

We decide who we are and where we want to be. If we start doing the things we love, happiness and fulfillment will be part of our lives.

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How do we know if we are good enough?

We feel good enough when we are ready to take action and do what we want. We don’t let fear decide and stop us from acting on the task. 

But even though some people’s lives might look incredibly calm and organized from the outside. Social media quickly makes us believe that life works perfectly for everyone. Others also have their ups and downs like everyone else. That’s just part of life.

In the past, our brains were naturally wired to see the negative in a situation. This was needed to survive. If there was a tiger, we had to act quickly and run away from it. This was the best thing you could do in the early times, but now things are different. 

Right now, we still have this instinct to quickly look for danger in situations anytime we do something out of our comfort zone. When this feeling comes up, you can stop and ask yourself: Am I in real danger? No, your fear is not needed, and it’s safe for you to continue working on your dreams. 

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Self-perception and being good enough

We could rate our lives according to our accomplishments. If we don’t complete the task like we had planned or forget to lock the front door, we quickly judge and blame ourselves. This just makes us focus on the bad feelings and shame. 

Even if we are aiming for perfection, this could actually hurt us. Not only your self-esteem but how much you achieve. It will only slow down your progress toward your goals.

To love yourself, you don’t need to change anything about who you are. You are good as you are. Just because we decide to take this path and endure it. Everyone has self-doubts and fears. It’s a great start to think about progress over perfection. If we love ourselves now, progress and growth will come naturally. 

Is being enough a mindset?

Your life happens every day. If we complain about the small things in our lives, like they are not exactly going as we were planning, those things could become what our life is all about, but there is a trick to it: try to focus on daily life with a Mindset of Gratitude!

Start being grateful for your improvements and your growth. We can appreciate that we survived and thrived after the tough and challenging situations that life throws us. That time that you failed your test because you didn’t study, maybe we did learn that success takes a bit more effort. When you are finding the balance between who you were in the past and who you are today, be proud of yourself for persevering, for sticking to the challenge to endure and grow.

The power of our Mindset is probably 95% of how well we make it through life and everything it throws at us. We will have average days where you don’t feel good enough or question yourself. We all have times like that. But you can take a step back, accept that is how you feel now, focus on the things you can change, and continue. 

How we look at the things around us makes the difference, creating positive change for you and your life!

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