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What Energy Drives Creation

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There is an energy that we can tap into and create magical things that make us feel inspired to bring something into existence. It exists everywhere, pushing us to keep going to find new ways and new approaches to doing things in life. 

But do you ever wonder what energy is and how it is created? 


Yes, mass or matter can be created out of energy. It just takes an enormous amount of energy to do it. The theory of the Big Bang, which explains the creation of the entire universe, says that a massive amount of energy was turned into all existence and matter. 

Energy is everywhere and in everything around us. Every single thing that emits radiation represents a specific kind of energy. In the same way, we can get energy from other people, life situations of fear or joy. There is a constant exchange of energy around the world and the universe. Even if it is hard to grasp, we can decide what to do with it.

The law of conservation of energy states that “energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only converted from one form of energy to another”

What makes you happy, energized, or brings a smile to your face? What do you get energy from?

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To answer these questions, we have to make some points clear:


We, as humans, are made of matter and energy. 99 % of your body is made up of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen that represent matter, and other components essential for life, combined with an energy that travels around the human body. This even emits small amounts of radiation energy.

Chemistry and science cannot explain all the components of our bodies yet. There’s a small number of components inside of us that we still try to understand, analyze, and comprehend. Nowadays, we know that we emit energy, and we feel them. 

There is no doubt that energy exists. There is literally a giant ball of fire called “the sun” that the planet goes around, emitting energy that helps life to be possible on earth.

Like when you are enjoying a concert in a stadium, everyone tunes in to the music. Or the energy in a cemetery that feels scary. The environment yields energy, and it could affect everything around us.

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Energy is not an object. It does not have matter or mass. In physics is described as the capacity to do work. It may exist in potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, nuclear, or other forms. Energy is usually used to describe a trait of mass and non-matter fields. 

An example of this is: When the matter (car, human, object) has velocity, it is said to have kinetic energy.

So what is energy? If it is not an object we can touch, but we feel it like the sun on our skin, what does this mean then?

In a way takes us to physics again to explain things. A theory called ”string theory” says that matter, energy, and everything is made of strings that vibrate and create our reality. There are many complicated ways to explain this, but it only tries to unite everything we know and what we don’t know yet in the universe. But if we accept this as a truth, it makes things easier, with some physics and mathematics problems unsolved.

But suppose everything is vibration or a frequency. In that case, it means that everything is connected. So, like a rock that creates a ripple effect when it falls into the water, everything we do has an impact. Our life can make a similar impact. 

What energy do you want to benefit from, and what vibration? Do you like to tune in to happiness or maybe joy? Or perhaps you feel sad and really feel like working through it. If that’s the case, remember that your environment matters.


Yes, all human bodies emit electromagnetic radiation or “energy.” The intensity depends on different things. One factor is temperature which is called thermal radiation. 

According to the existing research, we even emit light. That is not visible to the naked eye. Our body’s vibration is between 4-8 Hz.

We all bring energy to our environment, work, school, the people beside us on the sidewalk, and even loved ones. It would help the world if we would realize that the energy we radiate affects each other’s lives, and we need to understand this. With energy comes great responsibility. With positive energy comes great responsibility, and with the bad one, even more.

Scientists’ research has shown that the body emits visible light. 1,000 times less intense than the level to which our naked eyes can perceive. This means that our body literally glows and creates light in small quantities at different amounts during the day.

Another fun fact about our body is that, according to the existing research, the natural human frequency is: 

  • The frequency of a human standing up body is about 7.5 Hz
  • The frequency of a human sitting down body is about 4–6 Hz

Connecting with other people is really a thing, and it’s not exactly like Bluetooth or following someone on social media. It is more like a thermostat in the room, but we are the energy source.

Now that you know this, you probably wonder about this question:


A person’s energy is shared and contagious. It comes from the perception they have of their life. But also past experiences, thoughts, and their mindset during that moment. Our energy affects our overall well-being, our behavior, and our relationships. Negative attitudes and feelings can even affect our immune system.

Happy moments or sharing a simple smile with others can really positively affect people. This is why people go to stand-up comedians or enjoy kind-hearted ideas. On the other hand, lousy energy could create chronic stress, directly lowering the body’s hormone balance in the brain and decreasing our happiness and joy levels.

I often experienced that people were angry or judged my actions when things were not exactly working out. In the end, we can’t control how other people react, but we can decide how we respond to life itself. By knowing this, we can make a difference and be more aware of things like:

  • The way we communicate
  • Being more assertive about what we want.
  • The intent of our emotions and what we are really looking for at that moment.
  • Judge ourselves less for things happening in our life, but look at how we react to what happens. 

For the sake of a fantastic connection experience that most of us want, we can try to be mindful and embrace our emotions more. 

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