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7 Simple Benefits of Flow In Our Performance

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Do you ever wonder why we lose track of time when we read a book or have a deep conversation with a friend, sharing our ideas and passions with someone we love? This is called flow, a moment where we forget about everything. We connect with others or our inner selves, creating, sharing, and connecting so deeply that nothing else matters. 

But what is flow? And what are the benefits of being in flow?

Flow state is one of the most extraordinary states you can be in! We reach a balance between peace of mind, creation, and action. But do you know what flow is? And its benefits? 


If we spend our time in a flow state, we can experience the following positive effects in our lives:

  1. Increased happiness
  2. A more profound feeling of motivation
  3. Limitless creativity
  4. Dopamine boost
  5. The sensation of a time distortion environment (time goes faster)
  6. A greater emotional and motor response
  7. A seamless performance boosts the activity engaged.

Flow state is one of the most extraordinary states you can be in! We reach a balance between peace of mind, creation, and action. At this moment, all our doubts disappear. Time does not exist in this place. Minutes turn into ours without realizing, engaging like we are going down a stream of water or surfing an incredible wave.

Some of my happiest moments of creation happened during the flow state.

If you ever had creator’s block, it feels like the opposite of it. Flow feels like creating without limitations. Our muscles move, respond and improve during this process into a boundless fulfillment action.

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It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. If I had to give it a name, it would be something mystical and powerful, like an ultra instinct. 


Yes, it is the closest thing to an ultra-instinct boost. During the flow state, we experience a fluidity between body and mind. You have the capability to focus intensely, absorb, and perform. Time feels like it has slowed down, and our senses are heightened.

I believe that instincts are responses from our bodies without us deciding on them. The analyzer inside our heads turns off, and we do things without really thinking deeply about it. At that moment, we just know what to do, our body takes over, and we take action.

Usually, this happens in times of intense fear or passion. Still, we can access this decision-making process and use it to our advantage.

Flow sounds impressive, and I can imagine that you want to reach it more easily! Here are some steps to help you:


If we want to master the flow state and turn it into a skill. You can do this with practice. When our tasks are no longer challenging, we match them with a small challenge, pushing us just a little out of our comfort zone. A flow state can be reached on any activity, significantly increasing motivation, productivity, learning, and memory

We can repeatedly do skills consistently, expecting the same results in our desired outcome.

For example, I have the skill to say the alphabet backward, and I never fail (that’s a skill that I don’t have). But as in the example, skills can be helpful in moments we want to achieve something specific. Whatever we look for, from writing a killer song to dancing flamenco or even performing in front of a crowd. If we manage to make a skill out of something, we can truly let ourselves go and tap into a flow state at that moment. Plus, we have an extra tool for our set of assets to perform.

Why do we want “flow” as a skill? 

Aside from the regular benefits of flow, the fulfillment it gives you cannot be reached by many experiences in life. It gives meaning to most things and fills the gap in our passion.

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Yes, meditation helps us release worries and let go, one of the basics of flow state. If we manage to do this, our brain activity the correct brain waves. Depending on what’s going on in our environment, if we relax, trust, and practice our skills, we can reach flow faster and more consistently.

These are 7 simple steps to enhance your flow through meditation:

  • Start a daily meditation practice. Even 10 min a day makes a difference.
  • Use guided meditation first, then move forward.
  • Focus on the emotions that you want to let go of first
  • Grow the emphasis of your meditation from letting go to an intention.
  • Take it easy, and do not force things.
  • Write a journal and keep track of what comes out in your meditation. Sometimes fear teaches us so much more about ourselves!
  • Reward your progress and be happy when you feel that something significant has improved in your mind. It motivates us to keep going.

There is a reason why monks quit their regular lives and stop looking for small gratifications or recognition. They are looking for something bigger. Some religions call it enlightenment. Studies have found that during flow, we reach the same characteristics that monks experience after hours or even years of meditation. The best part of it is that it can be achieved by doing something we love. 

Accepting that you are not perfect and moving on from failure is hard. Still, if we learn to let go of it, we can finally break the barrier that blocks us from taking real, meaningful action.

Think about your passion… What drives your life? What makes you smile? Which emotions create the feeling of joy in your life? 

You can do it too! Go and find your flow!

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