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Why Do Great Heroes Inspire Us Every Day?

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Who did you look up to when you were growing up, a superhero, your parents, or maybe that Awesome person you once saw on tv?

What does it mean to be a hero? To make people smile and inspire the world to be better

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Let’s find out how to do just that.

Why do heroes inspire us?

Heroes inspire us by sharing their values, and they usually display qualities to admire. They show us how we can overcome all types of challenges and help others. The idea of a hero enhances and creates a better world. A world where we want to enjoy doing the things we love, desire, or maybe dream of doing.

When were you growing up, and who were you looking up to? Maybe your parents, a superhero, or someone famous you saw on tv. These people were our heroes at that moment. But what does it mean to be a hero? It can mean that you make other people smile. Or you can also be a hero if you are someone that inspires the world around them to be better. 

Heroes inspire us because they have the same values as we have. They do the things we love or create the things we desire. They show us how we can overcome challenges and help others. 

That’s what makes it so inspiring. We are rooting for their success. We want the best for our heroes because if they succeed despite their challenges, it means we can do too.  

What is the journey you choose, and what is the path you want to take? Every hero asked these questions and took action, even with fear behind him.

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Understanding the hero’s journey

The hero’s journey is a common way of telling a story; the main character gets the call for an adventure.  He goes through many challenges and learns a lot on his journey.  He faces those challenges and achieves his goal with his new knowledge. The hero returns transformed. They get reborn in a new version of themselves with new ideas and a new idea of life. 

Everyone can be a hero, and this narrative shares the concept of human growth and learning through life’s journey.

In some way, we can all relate to the hero’s journey. In science fiction and novels, there is a general idea that any human being could be a hero. They go through certain phases of life. They get a call for adventure, face challenges, and learn something new. Then, they use this new thing to face challenges, improve, and be reborn into a new version of themselves. 

Anyone can be a hero; this is the standard narrative of human growth. We go through these phases all the time. We learn things, and we improve. We can all be the hero of our own stories! 

When reading a novel, the story’s hero usually goes through different phases, and they have to face something special. After this, they transform, are different, improve, and become a better version of themselves. 

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Do heroes have fears?

Yes, heroes are scared and, most of the time, take action anyway. Truly heroic behavior has fear or strong emotions. This emotion significantly impacts the hero’s transformation and use of his will to achieve the main dream, goal, or action.

Heroes are human beings. They do have fear, like all of us. Usually, when we live our lives, so many things come the way that might stop us. Maybe there is something we can not do yet, and we doubt ourselves because of that, or we are fearful of acting on something. Heroes also have fears, and they face them head-on. They decide to act to overcome this fear. This is a truly heroic way of acting. This is one of the ways that we define heroes. 

Why do my heroes change

Heroes empower the idea of growth, and like our heroes, we face different challenges. We improve, learn and change in different ways through life. This means we can learn something, improve, and be inspired by someone from our newfound perspective. In the same way, our heroes do.

These emotions have a significant impact on the hero’s transformation. We do change our perspectives throughout life. We face different challenges, and we do things like our heroes do. And like they change, we change. When you were young, you were probably looking at different people than now. Maybe someone close to you empowers you to do better. So when we grow, our perspectives of the world change. Like heroes, we improve, and our view changes. We move forward and become our own heroes. 

What kind of hero do you want to be? Are you the hero of someone else without realizing to look back at your journey, the path you followed, and many people that changed your perspectives and helped you become who you are now

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5 steps to be your own hero

  1. Be courageous and embrace your ideas.
  2. Follow your integrity, and stay close to your values.
  3. Make a plan to achieve your goal, and take action.
  4. Embrace and accept fear, and learn to improve your skills.
  5. Review your path and start again

By being courageous and embracing our ideas, we open ourselves to challenges and new situations in our lives. Change is good; it can help us to grow and improve. 

Follow your integrity, and stay close to your values. Be a person with standards who follows their values and takes action for a reason. 

Make a plan to achieve your goal and take action. Whatever you have in mind, you can achieve it. Start planning and do it. 

Embrace and accept fear, and learn to improve your skills. Fear will always be part of the journey. Take fear by the hand, and let’s get to the next step. 

Review your path and start again. After all these challenges, we can analyze how we did things and see if we are on the right track. We can improve upon how we accomplished where we are right now. The journey repeats and keeps on going. 

What is your next adventure? What is your next story? You are the only one to decide this. Let’s start now and be the hero you always wanted to be. 

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