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How to unlock creative energy through flow?

Energy is everywhere, from when we plug in our phones to when we talk to someone and connect on a deep level. There is unique energy flowing within and around us, like electricity. There is a switch to activate this, like when we share a laugh, happiness, and joy with a friend. Creative energy can be harvested similarly, but how do we access this?

Creativity is inside of us to express ourselves to others. It helps us share passions and emotions in the arts, like writing, music, acting, etc. Sharing the gift inside of us. We can unlock creative energy with inspiration and practice. We can use flow to tap into this energy by leaving the conscious mind aside and creating a higher level of self and connection.

Flow and creativity are closely related. The state of flow can be used to create a connection to our inner emotions by letting go of our anxiety, fear, doubt, and low-vibration energies.

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Creative energy vs. Creative flow

They do not compete, but one is the drive to create, while the other is the action of creating perfectly. You can compare creative energy with electricity that goes through all electronics. It lights them up and makes them work. Creative flow is like when a factory full of electronics functions at the same time flawlessly. 

Creative energy is one of our most potent drives as artists or regular human beings to perform with passion and joy. From painting a masterpiece to writing a funny jingle with our friends, for all these things, we need creative energy. We need to tap into this energy almost every day. We do not have to choose between flow and creative energy one enhances the other.

Creative flow gives us a high focus where we feel we can control every aspect of our creation. Still, flow is a skill in the end, and with practice in the arts, we can get into this state more easily.

How do we tap into creative energy?

Creative energy can be harvested from our moments of joy. We feel inspired to create by the deep desires we develop throughout our lives. Intense emotions like love, fear, and happiness help to tap into this energy. To practice, a creative activity that gives you joy is the safest bet.

Fear can be your enemy or your friend. We hug him a lot more than we should, but creative people, in general, should be able to stand on the side and walk with fear by the side, acknowledging that he exists. He is there because fear will always be part of us. 

By doing this simple but complicated action, we can move forward and let go of a bigger and greater embrace the energy we creatives need.

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What are the 5 types of Creative energy?

We use creative energy to create and express ourselves. We can divide it into different sources from where we harvest it:

  • Will power – from our heroes and pioneering 
  • Feelings – from guidance & help
  • Thought – from our mind & Exploration
  • Passion – from visions and ideals
  • Action – from creation & organizing

We have these emotions or actions in different situations in our life. We have a specific topic, from solving a simple problem to love. I personally:

I learned to listen to my gut. Bit by bit, my intuition develops, and I start to take inspired action on what I feel is correct. 

I try to take action by taking more photos, one of my passions.

I read more books, and I open myself to learning about new topics. Accepting that everyone’s perspective might be different from mine broadens my mind. It gives me new creative ideas and a better understanding of the world. 

I spend more time with those I love and give care and love to myself. 

I try new experiences that used to scare me and make new friends in different fields than mine. I find this one more challenging. 

I learned to listen to people and not be desperate to answer while talking. If we try to be in the moment and listen to them, we help others feel heard and loved, and we might even learn something new. 

Think for a moment about how you could let this energy naturally come into your life. Small steps go far and can help us to improve. 

Why do we need creative energy?

Happiness and fulfillment are one of the most extensive drives that we could have. They can be easier to reach with creative energy. This inspires you to grow, discover, and bring your beliefs and passions to the next level through self-expression, love, and connection.

Every day, I realize that we, as humans, are meant to explore, learn and discover the world. Many things out there that we do not know, and some of them we don’t even want to know. But they could open a door we did not see that we had to open. 

We could start small and create a list of things that inspire us. Take one step at a time. You are a limitless being full of joy and love, full of amazing things to discover, create, and inspire others to do the same for a brighter future.

And who knows then, we could reach the peak of our passions!

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