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When does simple Inspiration evolve in stealing?

How do you steal creatively?

There are a lot of perspectives, and social media gives us a chance to share them with the world. Everyone thinks that their ideas are essential, they could follow and be inspired, or there are someone steps that we want to model and follow, why we want to do things in a specific way, what spires you, could have been an idea that started years before our time, are we using someone else ideas for our inspiration, for creation, for our purpose but what makes it suitable for us to take and share someone else work?

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There is a belief in the art world that Pablo Picasso once said: “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” This might sounds vague. But there is a profound truth behind this. Many people make their mark by taking inspiration and even the work from others and making it their own. 

Ideas are an excellent start for our dream and goal, but the will that makes us take action shapes the way we create. What is the kind of thing that you like? Do you have a favorite author, a hobby, or just follow people online that inspire you? Start there, first ideas. Their mind is a great place to start pulling inspiration from. 

There are a lot of thieves out there, but how they do it matters. First, we have to decide if we:

Steal ideas or create originals?

There is always a choice, and we should try to create our original ideas. Still, in the end, nothing is entirely original, so taking someone else’s work and improving on this should not stop us from taking action.

Are all ideas original? All ideas have a root somewhere, even if you are thinking of improving an everyday object as a chair. Everything takes inspiration from somewhere. We should not stop ourselves from improving someone else’s job, but the question arises…

Is stealing ideas good?

Yes, in a way, the sense of what we take and what is replaced matters. Obviously, the more you go deep into the idea of stealing something and not improving upon it, the more it’s not correct. The only way is to not only take but give, improve and revolutionize it. 

The pure act of taking something without that person’s permission and making it look good, revolutionizing the topic, and still giving credit to the author is an art of his own. It takes practice, but Apple did not create most of the products they sell. They reinvented them, making them better, and on top of that, they created some kind of culture around their style and lifestyle. They stole the concept but improved upon it. That small step alone made them a billion-dollar company loved around the world.

Inspiration vs. stealing

There is a thin line between stealing and simple inspiration. Taking something and claiming ownership of it can be wrong, but there is a way to take something and improve on their work to make it new.

We should not only go for stealing someone else’s job, but that is not a reasonable goal. We can get ahead by listening to our heroes and not only taking their work into our hands. There is a good reason patents exist, and stealing is seen as a crime. We would not be happy if someone else took credit for our hard work. Inspiration can go pretty far, but we must understand how to use it. Believe in your abilities, the study goes far with your beliefs, and it will be amazing when you get a breakthrough in your field. Then after we can teach others, they will take the following steps in a cycle of growth of our kind.

How do you steal creatively?

We have our own take on it, but we should consider the benefits we bring and how we present them in a way that helps and takes the idea to a new level. Like art made digitally, we remodel an existing thing, but this time with technology.

Inspiration is essential. I start by researching the topic that we want to master. Before us, other people studied something specific that can be done through many approaches. We are modeling our hero’s work, improving little by little, and making every step count. What is your approach to this? I struggle to feel 100% original in my work. Still, I’m learning to let go of that idea to move to inspiration and what drives me to keep going. What is my bigger calling in life to achieve my dream in this world?

Why do artists steal ideas?

Ideas will be improved if you have an idea and share it online or present it to the world, someone can take it, edit and own it, but this is not bad. It means that you help the world improve a little, and you are an inspiration to others, don’t take it personally. Inspiring people are everywhere.

When we like something, we like to collect it. This happens to many of us, from nice shoes to a book we love and cherish. In this way, we can try to collect our artist’s work or some inspirational idea that inspires us and helps us create. When we look at our heroes, we get inspired and use their ideas to create something similar or even try to improve it.

We need to start taking action toward a clear goal. Collecting ideas is the first step, but where we take this depends on how we take action.

  • What would you like to improve?
  • Who inspires you?
  • When was the last time that you created something meaningful?

After all this time, I realize that change does hot have to be wrong. We change for good or bad reasons, even if we do not know it or want it to happen. We get fat, create a nice meal, and move forward a little. If we focus on what we want, a clear goal, we may be on the right path. If you create a fundamental change, set a clear purpose, break it into manageable steps, and act daily to make it happen.

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