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There was a time when we were able to achieve anything. We only feared something hiding in the closet or under the bed. We were not afraid to talk or express ourselves. We learn something new every day and want to develop our minds, know more, imagine our bright future, save the world, or enjoy the little things. At that time, they were just small steps. They were our plans for our future. So are these ideas still inside of us?


How to embrace your inner child?

We must reconnect to our lost dreams and emotions to embrace our inner child. By doing this, we can experience emotions purely. Before judging them, we can forget the obstacles we might face and plan without restrings. In other words, to dream boldly but be able to take action.

Some easy ways to embrace your inner child are:

1- Write a journal about our dreams.

The moment we put things on paper, we can reflect on how we feel about them. When we put it in words, we give it a place. Sometimes these thoughts and dreams can be wild and big, but it does not mean they are impossible. We can start acting on the simple ones, like learning to dance salsa or taking a surf class. This helps us to create context and make it real in our minds.

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Think of bold ways to take action 

There is more than one way to get to Rome… Sometimes a different approach to an already known way of taking action can switch our perspective and understanding of a specific topic. The way we describe things creates our reality. For example, we listen to a song on the radio we can’t get out of our heads. Before we know it, we are singing it, and sometimes we don’t even like it. This exercise works in a similar pattern. It opens our brains to be open to outcomes and solutions. Kids do this all the time. It may sound silly, but it helps to be more creative and spark ideas.

Forget fear for a moment.

It is more complicated than it seems. It switches from hiding to questions like if we are worthy of feeling good enough to succeed. Did not doubt being the best in anything we wanted, but knowing that fear could be one of the causes, we do not take action daily.

Fear can be a friend or an enemy. A lot of us are afraid of fear. But it has its purpose too. It helps us know when we are in danger, and with that, it helps us survive. But it can also really stop us from changing things in our life like we would want to. If we learn to analyze our fear instead of following its orders blindly, we know how to make it our friend, face it, and grow with it. It will be stuck with us. But that does not mean it has to take control of our lives. So, my friend fear and I have our problems, but like a healthy relationship, we like to say that we are working on it every day.

Try to do these steps daily, and you will see results in no time!

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What is your child’s mind?

We have big dreams and ideas that we decide to forget about or give up on. As adults, we forget that children have a more positive outlook on life. They don’t have the exposure to problems and traumatic failures like many adults do, which helps them look for an outcome of play and joy.

Understanding this topic can be used for many things. It helps us get unstuck in our creative process, and it can help us realize that we can learn from kids, even though they don’t have all the life experiences we have. We always keep learning and growing from our environment. 

How to heal your inner child?

We must first acknowledge their existence to heal our old beliefs and childhood failures. Do you remember the joy you had during that time daydreaming? It’s important to forgive ourselves for things we have not accomplished yet. This will help you awaken a deep part inside of you that enables you to learn and enjoy life more.

Remember what moves you. This is only one tool extra in your arsenal of growth. It helped DaVinci learn and create more, so why not us?

But if we defined maybe it would be easy to approach:

What is a Creative child’s mind?

It means taking a bold approach to the fear of failure and finding a solution to a problem that might have looked impossible in the first place. With free will and a positive approach, you explore your imagination and focus on a simple but divergent solution.

So take bold action, or at least think of a bold way to take action. Ask yourself questions like: What can I learn from this? Is there another way of looking at the situation? You can come very far when you use your creativity in this way. If you think of solutions, you can develop exciting ways to solve a problem. 

Think about the last time you did this or if you can find this persona inside of you…

How do I find my inner child?

How do I find my inner child?

To find our inner child, we must start being more curious about life. Remember old happiness triggers, or even ride old memories and recall our dreams and emotions in those moments.

Fear will always be there. That’s a sure thing. But we are the ones that decide when he makes the decisions for us. Every time we start a new project or try something new, fear comes up. You might hear things like, you look bad, this is not good, are you doing these? But it’s up to us to decide to do it anyway. Even if what we want to do sounds scary. If we know what we want to do will fail miserably, then and only then may we learn how to do it right. No one learns to walk without falling a couple of times. We have to remind ourselves of that child who eventually walks even though they fell a million times. 

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