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We have different ways to take action and accomplish things in life, but hard work can be less of a struggle with these small tricks. Here is where a focus determination comes to our aid, but what does it mean?

The meaning of Focus determination

Focus determination means one’s ability to target a specific goal or subject with a clear intention to achieve the desired outcome. It can sometimes be as simple as letting go of worries and outside limitations.

Focus determination is a beneficial skill that helps you embrace your reality and reach your goal consistently. We could find this kind of helpful determination multiple times during life. It helps us to create plans more consistently.

Simple examples of focus determination are:

A chess player trying to win the game. Analyzing his environment, focusing on winning through strategy.

A management director works on everyday tasks to accomplish the company’s goals.

A top performer athlete trains every day for a medal in a specific competition.

What do they all have in common?

What do they want to achieve or create?

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But first, let’s start with a simple explanation…

What are the 3 main characteristics of determination?

The 3 main characteristics of determination are:

  • Clear Focus: You focus on a clear and specific goal.
  • Self-Belief: We need intent & trust that we’ll achieve the desired future.
  • Purposed-based Organization: Determined action is accomplished by breaking the goal into a framework and small achievable steps.

We can embrace these characteristics to be more determined. Determination is essential in our lives and helps us create meaningful work daily.

We could simply reach a clear focus if we break down our path and define the outcome.

Self-belief and purpose-based organization make the hard work easy, pushing from the inside and creating an everyday change.

What gives you determination in your life?

What’s the reason you want to reach this goal?

Answering these simple questions can be a great way to start.

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Focus vs Determination

Focus is the ability to concentrate exclusively on a subject through effort and emotion, leaving other topics behind.

While determination is to have a clear goal to achieve the desired outcome, this suggests that determination needs focus, one of the characteristics of this trait.

Sometimes we don’t know what’s more important when we are thinking about creating a new plan and what are steps we are going to take for our specific goal. We cannot say that focus is more important than determination. Both of them need to support our actions towards a clear purpose.

I can focus on watching an artist’s performance, but that doesn’t mean I’m determined to learn or get something out of them. Some moments we need to really listen, let go and embrace joy, creating happiness in our life.

The impact of daily determination

Determination gives us the power to achieve specific goals using the right timing by creating a far better environment with Improved control and increased motivation. These two particular aspects help us be consistent and empowered to achieve our desired results.

We create our own reality every day, with the decisions we make, with all our daily habits. What we do consistently defines us. A painter paints, a photographer takes photos, and like them, we have to decide what we are, and what we want to do or not do in our life. These simple actions define our identity and lives. 

  • Try to write a song every day if you want to be a songwriter.
  • Draw the things from your environment if you desire to improve that skill.
  • Practice your dance moves at home or learn a skill from the internet.

This does not mean we have to change everything; quit wherever we are doing and do something else instead. Small habits go a long way. You can take a course, maybe start to read a book on your favorite topic. Start creating this habit in your life, to already be the thing you want to be. Rome was not built in a day.

A list of things you can do is: 

5 Steps to increase focus and determination

  1. Clean your environment: we focus on what’s around us, so clean the area to improve attention.
  2. Clear Belief: we need to grasp our abilities and trust the process. 
  3. Create a framework: Having a plan is crucial. Small steps matter.
  4. Awareness: Reflect and evaluate the plan and actions.
  5. Joy: Embrace your emotions and enjoy the little things.

The mindset that we embrace in these steps does make a difference.

We could enjoy reading a book that sparks warm emotions and feelings of joy. A simple cup of your preferred warm drink (in my case, coffee) could have the same effect.

Life purpose and strong emotions just go together. Don’t be down if you feel that you are not yet where you want to be. You have taken the first steps to a more joyful life by being here and looking for ways to improve.

Make a list, write your ideas, go out there and share, and create more things that move you.

You are good enough. The power to believe is already inside of you. And let’s be that inspiration you are looking for in this world!

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