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How do I become Exponentially more Inspirational?


What do you love doing? There are a lot of things that make us smile every time we think about it. Maybe it’s the sea, bike riding, or even jumping off a plane. It is different for everyone, that incredible thing we love so much. But how did we learn about it? Where did it come from? Like when you had your first beer or the most tasteful cup of coffee. We get to know these things from someone else, the family, the teacher, or the friend that shows us the sea for the first time. Maybe we just saw it somewhere, and at that moment, we felt inspired by how this happened, but do we understand this person, their ideas, or what happened? 

Fulfillment, inspiration, love, or even creativity are powerful words that make us read a book, watch a movie, or listen to a new artist on the radio. We love romance, from that new romantic comedy on Netflix to a fantastic new song we can identify with. All those things we put time into are our sources of inspiration. Maybe that last line in your favorite book that stayed deep inside you, like a source of energy, a  reason to wake up in the morning. It helps us to take action and find our love and our passion. That is how inspiration feels for me.

Where does inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes from listening to other people’s histories or memorable moments. Being aware of a specific topic that we value and how to develop from it while keeping our intention and focus during this connecting process.

Moving, taking action, and doing everyday tasks are needed to create lasting change or solve daily problems. One of the biggest things that we can do is look for inspiration. Comfort, lack, and suffering are keeping us from that. We need adventure, novels, and a drive to keep going. If we forget to look for the things that move something inside us, we let fear take over and forget what inspiration is and why we enjoyed it so much.

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What inspires you?

Doing something we love or being in a place that takes our breath away will be the cause of inspiration for many of us. Recreating the idea of fulfillment in our minds. It is the feeling of doing something or creating something for a more significant cause or love.

Who is the hero of your childhood? Your dad looked so strong, and you felt he could save you from anything! Or maybe Batman was your inspiration to build a grappling gun from shoelaces like me. Whoever it was, we can accept or reject the idea that they formed our ideas of success and greatness that we now unconsciously desire as adults.

Inspiration is like the pie we love and want to have every day. This incredible feeling moves us. It helps us create or live a life of excitement; if we lose it, we simply do not perform as well. Even if we crave it, we must create these feelings to feel fulfilled. Maybe travel or take action to make a simple and fantastic part of our day. Inspiration is essential. Try to create some and appreciate the unique experience that it creates.

How do I find inspiring people?

There are inspiring people in the places we love. We have to look, read and research who does what we love. Sometimes, it’s someone who lived 1000 years ago, like Seneca, or your best friend who just started a business and changed your perspective on life.

  • Who do you follow online?
  • Which writer do you love, or what is your favorite book? 
  • Which person makes you feel proud?

What takes inspiration away?

Planning can have both a positive and a negative side to it. We can get fixated on the amount of time we had in mind for a specific task but then take a lot longer to finish it. This is, of course, not good for our creative process and will drive inspiration away. But also when we forget our goal or let go of the feeling that we want to move people or ourselves with the things we create. Stay consistent, focus and ask yourself what drives your inspiration forward.

Fear is another factor. We are afraid of a lot of things. We might end up without money, and we don’t have enough energy, the fear of death, etc. Nothing changes until we start thinking, wondering why the fear is showing up. We create our truth every day. But why do we not appreciate fear? It tells us what we have to work on. We can start asking questions like: Where does this fear come from? Why is it hard for me to speak in public? Why can’t I be more like my hero? The answer is that we fight fear every day, but fear can be our friend. Understand why it appears, and take action because your fear is yours.

Who is an inspiring person?

Inspiring people are like food, every want has a specific taste, but there are a couple of dishes that most people love. Inspiring people usually are the ones that encourage others to take action. Maybe by doing things that not everyone dares to do, like solving difficulties or creating something new or exciting.

We define our lives every day. We take responsibility for our actions by deciding our path. More importantly, we choose the heroes that shape us. They might not be the same as 20 years ago. Of course, Batman is still my favorite, but I’m not building a grappling gun anymore. My heroes, my role models, now are people that inspire me to create. My most important values are creativity, inspiration, and personal growth. Every day, even if it’s just a little, I look forward to adding inspiration that moves me forward. I know that things don’t always work out the way I want them to go, and I feel down sometimes too. I give too much attention to my fears at times. But this trick works to get me back on track. I am looking for that spark of inspiration that takes me back to a beautiful moment and gives me a big smile. 

Think about it, what makes you smile?

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